Friday, June 12, 2009


I fully intended to do a study in blue today, but it seems the color wheel exploded onto my digital canvas. i did manage, I think, to make a few discoveries agout blue and its relationahips.

It is clear that value of a hue effects how it will look, dominant or receding. In this case the turquoise blue maintains itself even agasinst the complement orange, and the split-complents, but just barely. any less blue, and the orange would have become dominant. It always seems to my eye at least, that if you add one coilor to a painting, you may be required to add them all eventually whether iin small amounts or in shades or tones.

My favorite blues are the fourteen shades of indigo. Japanese dyers determined that there were fourteen shades. Indigo seems to stand its ground. Many fiber artists, Doerothy Caldwell, for example, have used this information effectively. I wonder if a digital artist can achieve similar results.

More grist for the journal.
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