Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is a digital photo of the actual collage which was done with gel medium on a watercolor support. the elements in rhe collage are cut from digitally designed abd printed fabrics. A few enhancing marks are made with water soluble oil pastels. thus is a first in the series i've turned to collage as i cannot sew any more but i wanted to remain connected to fabric in some way.

starting next week i have plans to feature a digutal artist, curatortechnique, or comment on some historical aspect of digital art. this means looking at a wider range of media. i am working on concepts that i hope will leade to installations which would include diticak screebs as well as collage abd other fiber.

tomorrow i will feature a bew way of woring that produces 1 obe of a kind printor a vert limited exdituin. it involes nultiple printings on the same media

tra la until then,
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