Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Fauves, in particular Matisse and Dufy utilized color in a seemingly wild way, hence they received the name BEASTS or FAUVES the use of wild color seems to work best for me within a minimalist composition such as this painting of a grassy beach at sunset. the tropical heat is felt not only through color choice but in the marks chosen using digital pastels.

high color paintings do not evohe peaceful moments though it mightbe easy to think otherwise, high color causes an evisceral response in the gut

even matisses's fruit paintings are not peaceful.

as a sidebar, i read recently that picasso was the most ardent of collectors when it came to matisse's work.

Picasso also gave us the linocut and the oil pastel.

creativity is stimulated as we gain knowledge both intellectual as well as visual, some call this process "filling the well,' It is from this well that we water the seeds of creativity.

seemingly unrelated facts in today's message may be just the fertilizer that someone needs.
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